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Driving While License Suspended - Get Your License Back

Driving while your license is suspended, DWLS, is a serious offense in Michigan. The offense is a misdemeanor that comes with a variety of penalties that could include fines and the further suspension or revocation of your license. There are a number of reasons why your license may have been suspended including:

  • OWI (operating while intoxicated) or DUI/DWI;
  • refusal to submit to a BAC test;
  • excessive tickets (too many points);
  • driving without insurance;
  • vehicle used during commission of felony;
  • in arrears on child support payments; or
  • failure to pay outstanding tickets.

There are some ways to restore your license or be allowed driving privileges if you were found to be driving while your license was suspended. Every case is different and the situation may be complex. The experienced Troy attorneys at the Law Office of John Little, PLLC are available to help you resolve the problem.

Penalties for DWLS

There are a number of different penalties that may apply in a DWLS conviction. The penalties may vary depending upon the type of violation, the seriousness of the infraction, and driving record. If this is the second such offense there will be additional penalties that include the inability to seek a restricted license for a period of 7 years as well as increased fines and prison time. You certainly do not want to have a conviction of DWLS on your record. A qualified Livonia attorney will assist you in reviewing your case and developing a strategy to resolve your situation.

Getting the Charges Reduced

Sometimes the circumstances of your case may provide the ability for your attorney to try to get the charges reduced. This is best accomplished before the formal charges are brought, usually in the initial hearing or first appearance. When the evidence is not strong or when the evidence was not obtained properly it may not be used against you in your case. The charges could be dropped or reduced to less severe charges, which could then be defended more easily in court. A skilled Plymouth attorney will examine every aspect of your case and work to get the charges lowered or dropped whenever possible.

Restricted Driver’s License

You need your driver’s license to get around – especially to get to work. In some cases, Michigan provides a way to obtain a restricted license. The process can be achieved in many situations with help from an experienced Novi DUI attorney. This may be an option to those who cannot successfully resolve the case in any other way. A restricted license may allow you to drive during specific hours, times, or days and can be necessary to keep your job. Not everyone qualifies for a restricted license and not everyone who applies will get one so it is a good idea to have representation by a reputable Berkley attorney from the onset.

If you are dealing with a driving while license suspended charge it is best to seek immediate legal assistance from a knowledgeable attorney. Contact the Law Office of John Little, PLLC at (248) 809-1402 for a free phone consultation to learn about your options.