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    • Issues in Drug-Related DUI Cases

      Drug charges can be integrated as part of a DUI or other traffic stop. Charges in a drug case may be either misdemeanors or felonies. A charge of drug trafficking is serious and comes with severe ...

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    • Appealing a Denial of Driving Privileges

      Obtaining the right to drive is a big milestone in most people’s lives because it signifies a step toward adulthood and the ability to travel far and wide. In addition, having a car, and the license ...

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    • Can Evidence Be Suppressed in A DUI Case?

      A DUI conviction can cause you serious lasting harm and may tarnish your record making it difficult to get a job or attend school. Other serious consequences include fines, jail time, attendance in an ...

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    • How Deed Restrictions or Negative Covenants Affect Property Use

      Owning real estate , and especially a home, is seen as the American dream that is obtainable by many, and an aspect of American culture that sets it apart from many other countries where property ...

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    • Fighting a Property Tax Foreclosure

      Owning a home brings a lot of benefits – the ability to decide how and when to use and update your property, and the peace of mind that the landlord will decide not to renew your lease when it is ...

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