Drug Crime

Drug crimes are some of the most common kinds of offenses that people in the Royal Oak area face. In fact, throughout the entire country, there are more people behind bars for drug crimes than for any other type of criminal offense. Drug crimes occur all the time but not everyone who is arrested for a drug crime is actually guilty. There are all kinds of possible drug crimes people are charged with and they have varying degrees of severity. While some offenses are very minor and considered misdemeanors, other types of drug offense are much more serious and they carry much harsher penalties. In any case, if you have been charged with any type of drug crime you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a drug crime defense attorney.

Fighting All Kinds of Drug Crimes in Troy

The experienced and knowledgeable team of drug crime defense lawyers at The Law Office of John Little, PLLC, knows what it takes to defend you. There are many different types of drug-related charges that you could be facing and each of them can be a little different. Likewise, the defense strategy for each drug charge can also be a little different. However, no matter what kind of offense you have been charged with, with can help, including with the following offenses:

Tier I Offenses 

  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Peyote
  • Hallucinogenic mushrooms
  • GHB
Tier II Offenses

  • Opium
  • Morphine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamine

The severity of each of these offenses can also vary depending on the classification of the offense, whether it is for manufacturing, delivering or possessing.

Understanding Drug Charges and Penalties

At The Law Office of John Little, PLLC, we understand the many different possible drug charges and the penalties for those charges if convicted. We know how to fight those charges and which kind of defense strategy will work best for your particular situation. We don’t charge an initial fee, so you have nothing to lose when you meet with us for the first time. Drug charges are no laughing matter. You can’t afford to go to court without the proper legal assistance. You could end up with the maximum penalties without the right legal help.

Get Experienced Legal Help for Drug Crimes in Berkley

Facing drug crime charges is a very serious matter, especially if you have been charged with a felony or felonies. Prosecutors often seek the harshest penalties for those who are accused of drug crimes. That means you could be facing jail time along with serious fines. In fact, if the charges are serious enough you could be forced to spend many years behind bars if convicted. Don’t try to defend yourself against these kinds of charges. Instead contact an experienced attorney who knows how to fight drug charges. While we can’t promise the outcome of your case, we will do everything legally within our power to fight for the desired results. Please contact us at The Law Office of John Little, PLLC today at 248-865-3455, or contact us online. We also serve Detroit, Redford, Berkley, Southfield, Bingham Farms, Troy, West Bloomfield and Sterling Heights.