Civil Litigation

Are you considering Southfield civil litigation?

As you consider Southfield civil litigation, speak to one of the experienced attorneys from our law firm today. Whether you are thinking of pursuing a personal injury claim or damages resulting from criminal behavior, the help you need is here. Get the legal resources and aggressive strategies that add up to a solid case in court. Call 248-865-3455 now for a complimentary evaluation of your case.

In Southfield civil litigation is an option available to you if you have suffered losses, property damage, physical injuries, pain and suffering, and undue expenses from the negligent or criminal actions of another person. Call now and let an experienced litigator go over your situation with you – at no cost.

Our Southfield civil litigation team has provided representation to clients in many different kinds of lawsuits. What matter do you want to bring to civil court? If yours is not on the list below, please call anyway for a consultation:

  • Automobile and motorcycle accidents
  • Catastrophic trucking accidents
  • Workplace injuries and accidents
  • Dangerous premises or property conditions
  • Slip and fall personal injury
  • Construction site injuries
  • Animal bites and mauling
  • Medical malpractice and misconduct
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Wrongful death
  • Property damage due to gross negligence
  • Personal injury due to gross negligence
  • Property damage or loss due to criminal activity

Southfield Personal Injury & Damages

In a Southfield civil litigation suit, you may be able to seek a wide range of monetary damages for the injustices that you have endured. If yours is a personal injury case, for instance, you may pursue compensation for:

  • Medical expenses related to the incident
  • Future medical care and prescription therapies that will be required due to your injuries
  • Your pain and suffering
  • The wages that you have lost due to the inability to work resulting from your injuries
  • The future wages that you stand to lose because of the injuries
  • The costs of vehicle and/or property repairs

Wrongful Death

In a Southfield civil litigation suit involving a wrongful death, you may be eligible to pursue compensation for:

  • The final medical expenses related to injuries that resulted in your loved one’s untimely death
  • The costs related to your relative’s final expenses (i.e., funeral, burial, cremation, etc.)
  • Their pain and suffering to the point of their death
  • The loss of consortium (your loss of their love, companionship, sexual intimacy, moral support, etc.)
  • The fact that you have lost their household contributions (i.e., salary, savings, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Call us now to get an evaluation of your case. Speak with an attorney for free. If you are faced with financial difficulties due to the negligent or criminal behaviors of another, call our firm today. There is legal recourse available to you. Take advantage of it.

Whether you are dealing with a neighbor on whose property you were injured, or you were harmed by a defective product, or you are confronting the doctor or motorist responsible for the wrongful death of a loved one, we are here to seek justice on your behalf. You do not have to walk this road alone or simply accept the damages, losses or injuries.

There is help available!

For legal expertise in Southfield civil litigation, call 248-865-3455 now. A focus of our practice is civil litigation in Southfield as well as in Detroit, Bingham Farms, Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Troy, Berkley, Redford and throughout southeast Michigan. No legal firm or attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case. However, at the Law Office of John Little, you will be provided with a free evaluation of your circumstances and a sound legal determination as to which legal remedies may be available to you.