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Foreclosure Processes in Michigan

If you miss a mortgage payment in Michigan, there is typically a 10- to 15-day grace period before the mortgage service applies a late fee, which is five percent of the overdue payment (plus interest). Missing a few payments will lead to being sent reminder letters or even calls.

Continuously missing payments will lead to being sent a “breach letter,” which will specify that you loan is in default, the action needed to resolve the default, the date a resolution must be done, and that failure to resolve the default will lead to the sale of your property. You will receive a foreclosure notice if you have been delinquent on payments for over 120 days.

If you recently received a foreclosure, you still have time to take action to save your home or business. We can guide you through the legal process and work with your mortgage lender to come to an agreement.

The following are several ways our firm can help you avoid foreclosure:

  • Short sale
  • Loan modification
  • Deed in lieu
  • Bank workouts
  • Bankruptcy

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Understanding Surplus Funds from Tax Foreclosures

If the Treasurer sold your house, land or building at auction to pay back taxes, you may be owed money. Attorney Little can help you get paid what the Treasurer may already owe you. We don't charge a fee until the treasurer pays you.

If you owe back taxes on your property, the County Treasurer becomes the tax collector. Attorney John Little helps property owners negotiate payment plans to avoid foreclosure altogether. If the Treasurer does file what is called a “Foreclosure Petition” that includes your property, Attorney John Little will go to court to argue reasons why you should not lose your property to foreclosure. If the Treasurer has already foreclosed and sold your property at auction, Attorney Little will fight for the Treasurer to pay “surplus funds” that really belongs to you. “Surplus funds” are the difference between the property taxes, interest, penalties and fees owed and the price the property sells for at the Treasurer’s auction. That money is really yours. We help you fight to get it back.

On July 17, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled property owners have a right to surplus funds. County Treasurers may argue the law applies only to future auctions, or, there isn’t enough money left in the Treasurer’s accounts to pay everyone surplus funds they are owed. Also, the legislature could pass a law that limits a former property owner’s right to collect surplus proceeds. Therefore, Attorney Little believes it is important to act fast if you want to be paid the full amount of money you are owed before that right expires or is taken away.

If the Treasurer is trying to collect delinquent property taxes, if the Treasurer forfeited your property, if the Treasurer foreclosed on your property, or if the Treasurer already seized and sold your property at auction, contact Law Office of John Little, PLLC now for a free consultation. Act fast before your rights expire or are taken away.

Law Office of John Little, PLLC Foreclosure Legal Counsel

Whether you lost your job, got divorced, or suffered an unexpected health issue, you may be experiencing financial issues that have resulted in insurmountable debt and even the possibility of losing your home or business through foreclosure. Although all hope seems lost, having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and address your debt issues.

We understand that every client’s situation is unique, which is why you will receive attentive and responsive legal assistance to ensure your needs are always addressed. Do not wait to schedule an appointment. If you wait, you may be barred from pursuing the surplus funds. Call us now for a free consultation and know all your available legal options.

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