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When a home or property in Michigan is foreclosed due to unpaid taxes and sold at an auction, sometimes there are funds that may be owed to you – known as surplus funds – after the government pays for the taxes, fees, and other expenses. However, until recently the government typically kept these surplus funds. Based on a new Michigan Supreme Court case, you may have a right to the surplus funds.



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Surplus Funds from Tax Foreclosures

If the Treasurer sold your house, land or building at auction to pay back taxes, you may be owed money. Attorney John Little can help you get paid what the Treasurer may owe you.

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If you owe back taxes on your property, the County Treasurer becomes the tax collector. Attorney John Little helps property owners negotiate payment plans to avoid foreclosure altogether. If the Treasurer does file what is called a “Foreclosure Petition” that includes your property, Attorney John Little will go to court to argue reasons why you should not lose your property to foreclosure. If the Treasurer has already foreclosed and sold your property at auction, Attorney John Little will fight for the Treasurer to pay you the “surplus funds” that really belong to you. “Surplus funds” are the difference between the property taxes, interest, penalties, and fees owed and the price the property sells for at the Treasurer’s auction. That money is really your money. We help you fight to get it back.

Act Fast to be First in Line

On July 17, 2020, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled property owners have a right to surplus funds. County Treasurers may argue the law applies only to future auctions, or, there is not enough money left in the Treasurer’s accounts to pay everyone surplus funds they are owed. Also, the legislature could pass a law that limits a former property owner’s right to collect surplus proceeds. Therefore, Attorney John Little believes it is important to act fast if you want to be paid the full amount of money you are owed before that right expires or is taken away.

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If the Treasurer is trying to collect delinquent property taxes, if the Treasurer forfeited your property, if the Treasurer foreclosed on your property, or if the Treasurer already seized and sold your property at auction, call us now for a free consultation. Act fast before your rights expire or are taken away.

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