Loan Modification

Have you fallen on hard times recently? Have you unexpectedly lost your job or suffered a non-job-related injury and are now unable to work? Did your spouse unexpectedly die or decide to leave you, which is making it difficult to pay your mortgage? Maybe your company downsized and you were forced to take a pay cut in order to keep your job. All of these situations are out of your control, but they are all common every day occurrences to many people in the Royal Oak and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, even though these kinds of situations might not be your fault, you still have a responsibility to make your mortgage payment on time. So what can you do if you are facing one of these difficult circumstances and you’re afraid you might end up losing your home because you can’t pay your mortgage?

Reasons to Call Our Loan Modification Attorney Serving Southfield

If you are facing financial troubles of any kind and you think your home could be in jeopardy then you should speak with a qualified and experienced loan modification lawyer for assistance. One of the keys to saving your home can be timing. It’s important to act right away at the first sign of trouble. Don’t wait till you start receiving overdue mortgage payment notices in the mail. Start making a plan of action now and get in touch with the experienced loan modification attorneys at the Law Office of John Little, PLLC.

Benefits of Loan Modification in Troy

Perhaps you’ve been told that there is no way to save your home. However, with our help there could be many possibilities still open to you. A loan modification is often an effective way to achieve this. Loan modifications are a permanent change to a borrower’s loan, which make it possible for the loan to be reinstated. It also creates a new payment amount that the borrower can afford to make each month. There are several possible benefits to having a loan modification, including:

  • Getting the terms of your loan renegotiated from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate mortgage
  • Being able to apply your overdue balances toward future payments, which allows you to make up ground over time
  • Being allowed to put your overdue balances at the end of your loan
  • Having your overdue balances forgiven so that your loan can be reinstated
  • Getting you monthly payments lowered by extending the length of your loan

Trusted Loan Modification Lawyer in Royal Oak

At the Office of John Little, PLLC we are experts at loan modification in Royal Oak. We know what it takes to fight for your home and depending on your circumstances we might be able to help you avoid foreclosure. If you are feeling the heat from your bank or lender because you’re behind on your mortgage payments, then act fast, and contact us today in Royal Oak for experienced and professional foreclosure defense. You do have options and there is hope. Don’t be scared or intimidated; instead, call us today at 248-865-3455 for help with your loan modification. It could be the first step to saving your home. We also serve clients in Detroit, Southfield, West Bloomfield, Troy and Bingham Farms. Click here to contact us online.